Side Car Mushrooms

Side Car Mushrooms is a perfect “side” and you can serve them up year round!  

In all honesty, Side Car Mushrooms really started out as Sowe-Carr Mushrooms.  This recipe came to me via another food lover and friend, who carries the name “Sowe.” Her grandmother, Miss Roberta Carr, was an amazing cook.  Roberta’s deep interest in family and togetherness was the infrastructure in which she built her culinary ideas around.  She was keen on cooking, entertaining, and hostessing which eventually led her family to launch a cookbook which I got to hold in my hands earlier this year.  Charmed by her personality which is transparent in her style of recipe writing, I reviewed her work cover to cover.  Miss Roberta Carr is gone now, but I walked away with a few good recipes and have permission from the “Sowe” part of the family to share this one with you.  Miss Roberta Carr called them “Pickled Mushrooms”, but to help her be original and play on their names, I changed it.  Sometimes, I even get away with it.  Really, I told her grand daughter that the picture was just as great as the recipe and she let me tell you all about it.  Miss Roberta, we thank you for giving us Side Car Mushrooms!

1 lb  Whole Mushrooms
1/4 C.  Red Wine Vinegar
1  clove finely sliced Garlic
2 T.  Olive Oil
1 T.   Chopped Parsley
1/4 t  Oregano
1/2 t  Salt
Dash Pepper

Wash mushrooms in simmer in a small amount of boiling water for about 5 minutes.  Drain and place in another bowl.  Add vinegar, garlic, olive oil, parsley, oregano, salt and pepper and blend until all mushrooms are covered.  Marinate in refridgerator for several hours or over night.  

I usually let the mushrooms marinate over night because I love it when that deep vinegar flavor kisses me.  It is that sensation that some of us crave and you want to yell, “Where have you been all my life?” while you are reaching for more and strategizing about how to time it right so you get to eat the very last one!

Tip!  If you don’t like vinegar or mushrooms, then this recipe is not for you.  If you like asparagus and vinegar, I would like to suggest you try it.  You can make this marinate for asparagus, but only simmer them for about three minutes and add half the olive oil the recipe calls for.  They are very good as a “side” to cheese, crackers, olives and wine.



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