Pico De Gallo!

Pico De Gallo
Go to your local market or grocery store and spend some time in the chip aisle.  I mean, don’t just grab a bag of corn  tortilla chips and be on your way, but really stand there and take in the entire selection of tortilla chips.  It’s really fascinating.  If you never do this, then you are never going to know what you’re missing.  It’s true.  It’s like with anything, just because you have something doesn’t mean that you stop looking.  You don’t necessarily have to ‘buy’, but what is out there may make you feel better about the selection you have chosen, or it may make you feel like you will choose better next time.  If your tortilla chip really means anything to you, you will spend the time to be a little picky.  Even if it’s just really about a dumb corn chip. 
I was in a big rush because I don’t have any time (at all, ever) and I had company coming for dinner.  I thought the weather was going to be hot, but I was wrong.  I thought everyone liked fish tacos, but I was wrong there too (but I got the recipe coming because you’re going to love them – another story for later).  I wasn’t so much standing in the chip aisle as much as I was whizzing by with my little snub-nosed super stealth mini shopping cart thinking that the check out line was going to be at least ten people deep because I was there at the wrong time of day, and then in slow motion, this glorious vision came out of no where.  Well, at first it was a blur and then when I came to a stop, or more like a skid, in the aisle with my three inch heels on, I saw them.  The most breathtaking corn tortilla chips there ever was.  You could say, they literally stopped me in my tracks.  They are called Juanitas.  The bag is clear, red and green and they are produced by Dominguez Family Enterprises  in Hood River, Oregon. They are salty and crisp and taste like someone made them right now, especially for you.  They are better than restaurant style tortilla chips.  They’re the best corn chip in the entire chip loving world.  And by the way, no one requested to take home a fish taco, but they did go home with a stash of these amazing chips – by request!
These tortilla chips are supremely delicious, but I did make Pico De Gallo to go along side to keep them company, of course.  Here is my recipe.  Skeptics out there?  Let me share this – Two groups of people on two separate occassions, tasted the Pico De Gallo and I had several requests for the recipe.
5 roma tomatoes, gutted and diced very small
1 small white onion, finely diced
1 large jalapeno, finely diced
1 handful of cilantro, finely diced
1 lime, juiced
1 t. salt

By reading the recipe, you probably drew the conclusion that you will be finely dicing nearly all of the ingredients which really is the secret to success here.  Place all ingredients in a bowl and gently mix. Serve with Juanitas Tortilla Chips! Ole!
Tip!  Adhere to the “Rules of Engagement” with jalapenos.  Do wear plastic gloves when preparing the jalapeno or you will be feeling the heat on your hands and under your nailbed for a few hours and you will share the heat with everything you touch….including your eyes.  Please be careful.


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