Roasted Oysters with OMG! Butter

Roasted Oysters with OMG! Butter
These oysters were the first meal of the first night of our vacation in Chelan, Washington.  It couldn’t have started off better.  It was about 93 degrees.  The sun was setting.  Cold beer was in hand and my brother in law was running the barby.  Perfect.
A couple weeks prior to our vacation, my sister and I were menu planning.  I suggested oysters on the half shell and she whipped up the butter!   The best flavors in a butter were blended together and the underlying heat really made them pop!  This is one recipe your guests will be talking about and it usually starts with OMG!
OMG! Butter
1 stick of butter, salted
5 green onions, snipped or chopped
2 cloves minced garlic
1 t. prepared hot sauce
Bring a cube of butter to room temperature.  In a medium mixing bowl, add softened butter.  Take kitchen shears and snip green onions (and onion white) into mixing bowl.  Add minced garlic and hot sauce and blend with rubber spatula folding together until well blended.  Seal in a container and refridgerate overnight for flavors to marry.  Be sure to bring butter to room temperature prior to serving.
Preparing Oysters
12 to 15 oysters
Prepare charcoal barbeque with briquettes until coals gleam and charcoals are grey.  Using tongs, place oysters on grill for about 8 to 10 minutes until shells pop open slightly.  Remove from grill onto cookie sheet.  Remove top shell so oysters are on the half shell.  Using a butter knife, spread dollup of prepared butter onto each oyster half shell.  Serve hot.
Tip!  For your hot sauce, your result will taste better if you use a hot sauce that does not include a lot of vinegar.  I used Tapatio.  For example, regular Tobasco sauce will not do.  If you are spending the money on shrimp, go ahead and do it right.
Tip! You can modify this recipe for a crowd by doubling the recipe and barbequing more shrimp.  I suggest 6 jumbo shrimps for an entree.

Recipe by Tiffany Turner


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