Pomodori scottato con Basilico / Seared Tomatoes with Basil

Pomodori scottato con Basilico or Seared Tomatoes with Basil
I picked up some beautiful baby tomatoes at a local market.  I usually tuck some in my lunch bag and snack on them at work, but somehow I ended up with a surplus in the refrigerator and decided that searing them and garnishing them with basil was a good idea.  This recipe is colorful and really easy.  It’s healthy and a perfect side to your italian themed Valentine’s Day dinner!

Pomodori scottato con Basilico or Seared Tomatoes with Basil

1 t. olive oil
2 C. sweet baby tomatoes, rinsed and dry
1/2 C. chopped basil
salt and pepper

Add olive oil to a cast iron skillet over high heat (hot! but not smoking).  Carefully place tomatoes into skillet being careful not to splash the hot oil.  Cook in hot skillet until lightly seared, turning occassionally.  Remove prior to the tomatos bursting.  Sprinkle with salt, pepper and chopped basil and serve while hot.  Enjoy!


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