Summer Slaw

Summer Slaw
Summer Slaw

My family and I were on vacation and while away, we found a great little restaurant called Frommagio Bistro.  They serve small plates (tapas), wine and beer.  The restaurant was split in two sections, one having a tasting bar in the restaurant and the other having a cheese tasting bar opposite a gelato bar.  What could be better?  We dined there three times in one week.  The first night we were there, my husband and I shared the beef medallions and blue cheese wedge and pesto raviolis.  The second night, we decided on the Spanish sliders and the Salmon on baby greens.  And finally the last night, we enjoyed the spicy prawn and pineapple salad.  All the dishes were fantastic and I would highly recommend those above.  If you are interested in dessert, try the banana bread gelato or the cheese tasting.

Whether there were four of us or nine of us, kids or not, there was something for everyone on the menu and the owner, Jeff, and his employees were so accommodating.  If you are ever in the small town of Manson, Washington, check them out.

I think I should mention that growing up, I hated cole slaw.  It reminded me of saurkraut and for the entire duration of my childhood I could never tell the two apart and didn’t care to discuss the matter.  They were both disgusting because of the tangy sauce that clung to it as if it was having it’s last breath choked out before turning a wretched color.   So you will have to excuse my rant there and believe me when I tell you that the Spanish sliders from Fromaggio Bistro came with a side dish.  Coleslaw.  <Insert scary movie music here>.  It happened to be the best coleslaw I have ever tasted.  Ever.  Interestingly enough, when I shared my coleslaw enthusiasm with the waiter, he said, “Yeah.  Isn’t it amazing?  I just love it too and often bring some home with me from work.  The ice cream base makes it really something!” And then he walked away leaving me with that high that food lovers get when they are sitting at the intersection between food they love and the kitchen’s secret ingredient.  I must also say that I was delighted that there was no mayonnaise.   I don’t have anything against mayonnaise, but it just doesn’t need to drown everything it meets.


Summer Slaw

You can easily double or triple the recipe to make it for a crowd.  Make it in the morning of the day you are serving it and store it in the fridge.  This recipe is a MUST have if you are serving something spicy.  It is cool, refreshing and simple to make.   People will ask you how you made it and you point them here.


1 package of prepared coleslaw in the bag – toss the dressing that accompanied the slaw!

1 tart green apple, cubed into half inch pieces

1 can of pineapple cut pieces, drained  (If you cut your own, cut them into a half inch)

1 1/2 C. good vanilla ice cream

1 t. thick (reduced) balsamic vinegar (optional)


Get out a large mixing bowl.  Add the coleslaw mixture, apples and pineapple.  Mix together.  Add the ice cream on top and set aside until the ice cream is soft.  Add the balsamic and mix generously to coat all the coleslaw.  Refrigerate at least two hours to flavors combine.  Share with as many people as possible!



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